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Are your business rates costs too high?

We can help!

Here's how:

Business Rates Split:

Many of the businesses we have helped were previously excluded from any type of Rates Relief.  They had one Rateable Value and one expensive rates bill but had more than one company or sole trader operating from the same premises.  In these cases, we enabled each business to qualify for their own Rateable Value and business rates account with up to 100% relief.  As a result, significant savings were achieved against the old business rates liability.

Example based on actual customer results:

Old Rateable Value 2017 - 2021 Excluded from any rates relief:
R.V. £17,000 Workshop & Premises Total Business Rates Cost
2017- 2021: - £32,912.00
New separated Rateable Values Qualify for maximum rates relief:
R.V. £11,750 = Rates Cost £ zero
R.V. £6,100 = Rates Cost £ zero
Business Rates Savings With reliefs applied:
2017/18: £7,922.00
2018/19: £8,160.00
2019/20: £8,347.00
2020/21: £8,483.00
Total Savings : £32,912.00

Business Rates Challenge & Bill Audit:

Since 2015 we have helped hundreds of businesses secure substantial business rates savings.​  This has been achieved by adapting existing business structures to better-align with business rates relief criteria for maximum discounts, challenging inaccurate Rateable Values and incorrect property listings.  Typically, this involves conducting a review of the customer's business operating structure, an analysis of the property's listing at the Valuation Office Agency, an historical billing accuracy check of NNDR Accounts and on-site surveys of floor areas and usage.   

Importantly, we do not charge any upfront fees for this work, and only invoice once savings have been achieved. So make a start by uploading your latest bills for a free review & make Low Cost Bills Ltd. your business rates specialist.

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