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GOODBYE expensive telecom bills


 HELLO low cost TELECOM bills

for business

low cost Hosted Voip

Optimal Savings

Superior Telecoms


Using the latest telephones & adding extra lines through a broadband network is one of the best ways to reduce call costs, improve call quality and management. 


The bottom line: telephone Voip line rental starts from £8.50 per month, including Call Recording and 20 other special features at no extra cost.


Additional Voip lines and new numbers can be added with no installation charges.

low cost Call Recording

Simple, It's Free

With Hosted Voip


This service is free up to the first 1 of Gig of memory. Automatically, capture all incoming an outgoing calls for replay and sharing.


No special equipment is required as this uses cloud based technology via a Voip telephone.


This an ideal feature for businesses who want to start conducting verbal sales contracts over the phone, confirming conversation details and implementing call quality control.

For fast quotes and

free bill reviews, contact us on: 

tel: 01234 889209


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