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GOODBYE expensive business bills


 HELLO low cost card processing bills

New to cards?

Thinking of taking payment by card for the first time?


Whether you are a brand new business, or have been trading for a while but have never taken cards before, we can help you and will ALWAYS find you terms that are better than going to your own bank direct and we can often get you up and running with your new card machine in LESS THAN A WEEK from the time you first speak to us!


There is no need to open new bank accounts or change your existing banks.


Whatever the size of your business, if you already accept card payments or if you are taking over an existing business already accepting cards, our rate review service could reduce your annual costs significantly.


We are successful in over 95% of cases in reducing the fees for processing credit & debit cards for our clients, through our free to use consultancy service.


Our review service offers you the possibility of making a significant difference to your overall net profits year on year and freeing up cash flow to use elsewhere in your business.


Rentals from as little as 3 days to 60 months. Lowest fees available, we constantly search the market to find the best deals at any one time.


There are 4 main types of terminal available:


  • Chip & PIN with the latest Countertop machines (through land line or IP/broadband connection)

  • Bluetooth/Wireless when the machine needs to be operated in several locations Mail Order and Telephone Order (MOTO) with card machines or

  • Virtual Terminal (multiple use via any PC) Mobile

  • GSM/GPRS terminals for secure Chip & PIN payments on the move or at the point of delivery.


For fast quotes and free bill reviews, contact us on: 

tel: 01234 889209


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