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GOODBYE expensive Water bills


 HELLO low cost WATER bills

for business

Three Ways

To Lower Your 

Business Water Bills

Consumption Management


We offer near "real time" consumption management utilising installed Data Loggers on each of your metered supplies. Accurate information can then be used to monitor, measure and action usage as it happens, meaning an end to unknown leaks, identifying excessive usage and the times when usage peaks or out-of-hours time should be zero.  

Free Water Bills Review


We work closely with industry experts who can ensure you are not being over-charged. 


If your business spends at least £1000 per year on water charges, then you can benefit from a free bills review which can identify if there are any potential billing errors or incorrect pricing. The free review is carried-out without obligation and any agreed water audit is conducted on a no savings / no fee basis.


Water billing is complex, not knowing if your business is on the correct tariff or band can result in paying too much money – for example, a water bill audit helped a large supermarket chain save in excess of £36,000 per annum and obtain refunds of over £100,000. 




Switch Supplier


In addition to water auditing, we help businesses based across the UK obtain significantly better contract deals and lower prices, by the negotiation of new contracts, tariffs and supplier switching through our price beating, water buying group. 


In 2017, the UK moved to deregulate water companies in England and their supply hold on exclusive areas, giving businesses the ability to switch suppliers for the best rates and contract deals rates.



For fast quotes & free bill reviews, contact us on: 

tel: 01234 889209


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